Party of five

Party of five
Family of five

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Get the TAKL app

I promise, I am not getting paid to post this.
The app called TAKL lets you hire people independently to do various heavy chores that would be an epic fail if you did them yourself.
I have hired TAKL independent contractors some 9 or 10 times, for both my new house and my parents house. I used my own money- not his.
Also, if you are good at handy work or any of the “tasks” listed on the app, then this is a good side gig. The computer guy we got cleaned 5,000 viruses from my parents’ computer.
Also, we had more junk furniture than we could have imagined, and they hauled it away. None of us has time or patience (or eyesight) to assemble furniture, and they did that for us too. It’s a godsend.

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