Party of five

Party of five
Family of five

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Copying a blogging buddy

One of my blogging buddies said “bye for now” for a long blogging break, and I decided to do the same. There are so many reasons, yet so few reasons. This is a show that comes out next month, and as I look back on my life, I realize that all the trailers for it capture the inward battles I’ve fought in my working life. Maybe the outer battles have not been the same, but the inner battles have:

I sold all the equipment for my “upcycle jewelry” business so that any creativity mustered in me can be put into my writing. Then I realized that the writing part of my creative side does not go into my book, but into my blog and social media.  In these places, I don’t worry about being grammatically correct or using “Texas ghetto slang” others may not get. 

Someone asked for a theme word for 2018, and mine was first family and also peace. 

I think I should also add nature. My fiancé told me his grandmother taught him a foreign word that means “feeling at one with nature” although it has a deeper meaning that can’t really be conveyed. He said he never felt it until now. I said, neither did I until I left the desert. 

Bye for a long while. 

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