Party of five

Party of five
Family of five

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Adoption Trendsetter

Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert were trendsetters in many ways, but when you read about them, you will read that they had 9 children. This isn’t true. They had 10. As we watched the year old pbs special on Queen Victoria, we learned that she and Albert adopted an orphaned Nigerian princess against the counsel of many in the palace. Queen Victoria would insist, “she is royalty in her own right.” And renamed her Sara. After a couple of years, Sara became ill, and they attributed her illness to her not being accustomed to the English climate. They sent her back to Africa to a boarding school at about age 10, and Sara returned for Queen Victoria’s oldest daughter’s wedding. She stayed in England until they arranged a marriage for her to an African prince from the Yoruba people. This was really kept under wraps!!!
Here’s a nice scene from the film:

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