Friday, October 6, 2017


This has become a trend lately- proposing at someone else's wedding.  At first, I thought it was tacky, but I love how Joy-Anna did it while throwing the bouquet.  The young man who is proposing is Joy-Anna's (the bride's) brother.  I would do this if I ever got married again, which I probably won't.  I'd only do it for family, though.

I still often daydream about marrying my long distance--- "male friend"?  I don't know what to call him at this point.  We can't seem to loose each other for some reason.

I often envision a family picture with him and I next to each other, my step daughter in my lap, my stepson in his lap, and Annalise in the middle with her arms around each of us giving her huge smile which makes me happy I chose Joy as her middle name.

I often daydream, too about posting that pic with "Danielle is engaged" with the saying "If anyone has any reason why this party of five should not be together, then be blocked and forever hold your peace, because we won't be saying that silly line during our vows."

It's a nice daydream.  We would have been married last year and I would have adopted his kids if not for distance.  He is tied there, and I am tied here.  That's life, though.

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