Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Laugh and a Puppy

I started my day with checking social media, just like everyone else in the world.  This is one of the reasons why I like "I Speak Greeklish" on Facebook.  This meme.  Only Greeks would get it.  The above picture is of a dessert pronounced Mel-o-ma-ka-ro-no.  Underneath, "Mel on my car, oh no!"  (Mel Gibson lol).

Then I had to have routine maintenance on my car which no one likes.  The good thing about it was that this six week old baby was in a box in the back

She gnawed on my fingers like they do.  She was adorbs.  

The rest of my day was full of a million little things and a whole lot of nothing, but I was constantly busy with piddly crap that needed doing.  At the end of the day, I'd used half a tank of gas.  Where did I go?  

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Confirmation from Dad

I had skin allergy testing when I was 11. This was because some of the symptoms of my neurological condition were chalked up to allergies. It was a very painful ordeal. They subcutaneously inject small amounts of the thing you might be allergic to just under your skin to make a bubble. (Like a tuberculosis test). But having so many of these at once is torture for a kid. Then you go back in a few days or so and the skin bubbles that showed reaction to are the things you have allergies to.

I don't remember what came up. My dad, however, told me that yes, coconut did come up. My parents dismissed it, though, because they knew I didn't like it and never ate it. Who knew in some 20 years, there would be a coconut in everything craze?  I'm looking at web links for anomalies and freaks like myself who have this allergy and what to do about it. (What to look for on labels, etc.)

I'm not sure I can get an epi pen if Benadryl helps, but I'd rather not have an epi pen. I'm always loosing my keys. How would I be able to keep up with something like that?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

All I want for Christmas!

Judy Blume's online master class is only $90, and it will be available in 2018.  Can't believe how good Judy Blume looks for 80 years old.  If my parents ask me what I want, it will be this class.  Although, I am not writing for children, I'm writing about them.

When I was growing up, I read everything Judy Blume.  She's the reason I knew what menstruation was before it actually happened to me.  I just remember reading one of her books and getting out the dusty encyclopedia and looking up "menstruation".  Thanks to her, about two years later, I knew what was happening.  My mom didn't talk about anything with me.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dreaming about the deceased.

I had a dream last night about my godson/cousin Evan who passed last year at age 23. In the dream, I walked past him and he was leaning against a wall with hands in pockets. He said "whassup?"
I turned around and said, "Evan!"  I immediately asked him if he saw a video his widow posted recently reading to their daughter and their daughter recognizing words. He said, "yes, I did. Don't get angry as she grows up thinking I don't see her milestones, because I do."
Immediately, I felt better.
He started to walk away and I said, "Hey, wait!"
He turned around.
I asked, "What's it like to stand before the judgement throne?"
He shrugged and said "It's no big deal. Really, it's not that serious. It's probably easier than having a rectal exam."
I wrinkled my eyebrows at his analogy and said, "well thanks for the heads up."
I stayed and watched as he walked completely away, then woke myself up.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

How Old is old enough?

My daughter Annalise slept over at friends' house last night, and they all gave each other makeovers. Anna has never had her hair back like this.  She likes the picture, but asked me if she can have her eyebrows waxed.  Her father said it's fine with him if it's fine with her.  She's only ten, but she's already aware of shaving legs and under the arms.  These were my eyebrows when I was 10 years old.  My mom is a compulsive tweezer, and if she just let hers grow out, these would probable be her eyebrows, too.  In fact, my mom gets so carried away with tweezing, that sometimes she ends up with virtually no eyebrows.  She then has to pencil them in, and ends up looking like a Chola.  I would take Annalise to get them waxed, but some people without Greek and Middle Eastern genes may think it's too young.  When you go, they do the bottom first, and then the top.  The bottom hurts more, because there is less skin there.  If I do take her, I might request top first.  I'm on the fence about this.  I don't want to be "that mom", but I don't want to be "that" other mom, either.

Happy Birthday BFF

Yesterday was Kate's birthday.

My BFF since fetushood,
My cousin the shrink,
My sister wife (long story),
My go to person for legit or not medical claims,
And my next of kin for brain donation.

39 is just fine Kate.  I <3 U, even though you complain about every guy I go out with yet you HAVE A TINDER ACCOUNT.  But that's ok, because the biological clock is ticking.  I'm just glad it's ticking a lot slower for you than for me, since you never got to get married or have a child or three.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Anaphylaxis Again

At a convenience store, I saw a watermelon drink in a can. I bought it, because watermelon juice is hard to find and a mess to make.
I sat in my car for a while sipping on it, taking a break, and when I was almost finished I could hear my breath sounding like a whistle. I was slightly wheezing, and when I looked down at my forearms, there were 5-7 hives on each arm. I looked at the can and realized what I missed- it said "made with coconut water". I'm allergic to coconut oil, but I didn't think "coconut water" would be as strong. Luckily, I keep Benadryl in my car console, and immediately popped three of them. I leaned my head back, because I wasn't about to start driving on three Benadryls. I think I fell asleep for about 20 minutes, and the moment I woke up, the wheezing and hives were gone.
A lot of people have nut allergies, but a coconut allergy is very, very rare. I guess I'm one in a million. It was never discovered in my childhood, because I never really liked the taste and texture of it. Then the coconut oil craze came along, and I fell for the health benefits quickly. Apparently, the world's cure all can actually kill me. (It's not a cure all, but some people think it is).
Danielle, please read labels next time. Sheesh.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Two Suicides

About 20 years ago, I came across a woman online named Laurie who claimed to be an advocate for children.  I followed her website hoping to learn something, but as the years went by, her claims got weirder and weirder and I strayed away.  We had been in contact a few times, including when she adopted an 11 year old boy from the foster care system.  I told her congratulations, and that he looked like her.  He really did.  She responded that they get that a lot.  Laurie went on to be against any kind of psychiatric help, counseling, therapy, or anything of the sort.  Really not a good idea when you adopt an 11 year old from the system.  She wrote a book called Instead of Medicating and Punishing.  I had honestly forgotten about her until I learned that her son had committed suicide.  You can see how vehemently anti "getting help" Laurie was by scrolling her YouTube channel.  There are disturbing videos featuring her with her son while he was still a minor, re-enacting therapy sessions and mocking them.  I was blasted on social media for saying I was sorry he was gone too soon and that he never received the help he needed.  Several people called me out for saying that, but it's how I felt.  He might still be alive today if he was raised differently.  As grief-stricken as Laurie is, part of his blood really is on her head, and that's how I feel.  I see so many elderly people guilting their children about how they won't be alive for long, but when a parent looses a child, sometimes it seems more to be about the parents' loss than the child's loss of their lives and themselves.

Then, a few days later, I read the news that the son of Radio DJ Delilah had committed suicide.  She didn't say how old he was, but he looks to me like a teenager.  Delilah's show is syndicated nationwide, and she takes requests for sappy love songs.  I used to like her, but in the past few years, she's tended to get on my nerves a little (ok, a lot).  I'd often listen to a few words of hers while driving and then angrily punch another button on the dial and say, "Oh shut up, Delilah."  However, I am still sorry she lost her child.  Delilah, unlike Laurie, had gotten her son everything he needed to battle depression, but still lost him in the end.  Then this- in the comment sections, people are blaming her for his death, because she was married 4 times and had a total of 13 kids.  Really?  But no one is allowed to blame Laurie?  Both of my ex-husband's parents are on their third marriages, and he never killed himself.  I had an aunt married 3 times, and her son from the first marriage never killed himself, even when he lost his only son to a heart defect.  Marriage and childbearing/adoption history has nothing to do with the choice a person makes to end their lives.  People in the comments even had the balls to tell Delilah that her son went to hell.

And what really burns me is that people think posting the national suicide hotline number will magically solve everything.  No, it's way more complicated than that.  The answer is different for every person.  Share the hotline all you want, but never think it ends there.  It's more complicated than that, and you have to know the person over and above your own ideals to really get them their own unique help.

Friday, October 6, 2017


This has become a trend lately- proposing at someone else's wedding.  At first, I thought it was tacky, but I love how Joy-Anna did it while throwing the bouquet.  The young man who is proposing is Joy-Anna's (the bride's) brother.  I would do this if I ever got married again, which I probably won't.  I'd only do it for family, though.

I still often daydream about marrying my long distance--- "male friend"?  I don't know what to call him at this point.  We can't seem to loose each other for some reason.

I often envision a family picture with him and I next to each other, my step daughter in my lap, my stepson in his lap, and Annalise in the middle with her arms around each of us giving her huge smile which makes me happy I chose Joy as her middle name.

I often daydream, too about posting that pic with "Danielle is engaged" with the saying "If anyone has any reason why this party of five should not be together, then be blocked and forever hold your peace, because we won't be saying that silly line during our vows."

It's a nice daydream.  We would have been married last year and I would have adopted his kids if not for distance.  He is tied there, and I am tied here.  That's life, though.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ketchup win

My daughter's favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs with ketchup. I made it for her one morning, and reached for what I thought was the bottle of ketchup. But it came out too thin, and I thought, what's wrong with this ?

Turned out I accidentally got the bottle of rosemary vinegarrette. I'm loosing my mind. So I got to the ketchup bottle, poured it over the rosemary, and mixed it with a fork.

Later on, my daughter said she had no idea why, but that was the BEST ketchup EVER.

Brain fog for the win.