Monday, September 11, 2017

Second first day of school

Annalise went back to school today after the schools being closed for hurricane Harvey. The school basically has to start completely over. I don't know what they'll do with the holidays, but I doubt it'll be good.

Now, we deal with hurricane Irma. I say "we, because I have an aunt and uncle and 10 cousins in Florida. I also have an aunt and 6 cousins and a childhood bff with 8 children of her own in Georgia.  I've heard from all of them, and they're all safe.

I paypaled some of them has money to get out. My advice would not be to donate to the Red Cross, but to find a direct source to help out. The Red Cross is receiving a ton of monetary donations, but we just heard today that the mayor proposed a property tax hike to pay for storm damage. The Red Cross needs to make their financials available to the public right now.

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