Sunday, September 3, 2017

Houston smells like dirty mop water and other happenings

I've been able to get out yesterday morning and this morning to do Uber eats- only 5 deliveries each day.  There are still some high water spots where the bayous overflowed, but they are easily avoidable.  Uber Eats is busy, because people are still afraid to leave their homes.  The restaurants are open, but most are very slow.
Annalise was supposed to go back to school on Tuesday after Labor Day, but they postponed it until 9/11.  A lot of the schools were used as shelters, and are probable trashed.  Other schools had flood damage.  There go most of the holidays.

Annalise and I both have our days and nights mixed up.  I have been doing uber eats for only a couple hours in the mornings, then she and I will both fall asleep about noon, wake up at 8, and be up most of the night.  Something needs to be done about this before she goes back to school.  I have no idea what.

Some things in the news piqued my interest lately.  First of all, there was the police brutality against the head nurse of a burn unit in Salt Lake City.  Wow, that was insane!  Really, how hard would it have been to obtain a search and seizure warrant?  It was never hard for CPS workers, and cops have a lot more authority.  Was it because the patient was not the cause of the accident, but the victim?  The person who caused the crash died on impact.  He had been fleeing police and driving on the wrong side of the road.  Were the cops trying to get a blood sample from this unconscious man to see if he had illicit substances so they could charge him with the death?  I hope not, since the dead guy was on the wrong side of the road!  And of course, this time it had to be a white woman as the victim of police brutality so that people can make "tables turned" snarky comments.  Just in time for Pumpkin Spice Latte season.

Then there was Feminist Author Germaine Greer calling Princess Diana a profane name on the 20th anniversary of her death.  Does she have no shame?  I should have known better.  No second wave feminist does.  Then Germaine has the balls to say that Diana was not a good roll model for young girls because she had relationships with men.  That's why I believe my lifelong relationship shaming had much to do with feminism.  Excuse me Germaine, but when I was a child in the 80's, I saw Diana on TV doing so much humanitarian work.  She even visited orphanages and held babies who had AIDS.  Back then, that was unheard of.  No one touched babies and young children in orphanages with AIDS, not even their own caregivers.  Having worked with children half of my life, I believe I have stared the devil down more than once.  Buddhists call it "Inviting your own Mara in for tea".  Diana was a role model for me as a young girl, but in Germaine's eyes, I'm probably not a "real" woman anyway.  I knew even then that I would be called to do something of the sort, but didn't know really until I was about 19.

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