Thursday, September 7, 2017

Complete and Utter Disappointment

I gave the biological mother of my child advocate kids the benefit of the doubt the entire time I have been working with her children. I believed with my whole heart that she had been clean for 3 years. But, she was drug tested in July at the court hearing. Her urine sample and hair follicle showed more than enough levels of meth to show that she's been using both short term and long term, including within 3 days of the court hearing. She let me down, and she let her children down. I should have believed my mother when she said drug addicts always lie. Her oldest son will have to be removed from her care again, and I know this kid well enough to know he'll run away when that happens. I'm thankful, however, that her younger child is in a good foster home that wants him long term. I visited them both immediately after the storm, as soon as the roads were clear. This is because some lobbyists for children in Austin were pressuring CPS in Houston to check on all kids under their watch to "make sure" there was no damage. What?  The storm affected everyone in Houston. It's not fair to disrupt any family or foster family for being victims of a hurricane. CPS would not word it that way, though. They'd word it "safety hazard" or "neglect".

Being on meth, though, is a different story.

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