Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hurricane update

To my surprise, Houston is completely flooded. I am still with my disabled client in League City. Annalise will not have school for a whole week, in fact the schools are being used for shelters. She is still with her dad and stepmom in Pearland, and I've been talking to her regularly. The apartment complex where I lived until December/January is completely destroyed. It is located right off of the Beltway and Beamer south. My apartment was on the second floor, but I can imagine the first floor ones are all ruined. I literally just saw people rowing boats down Beamer Rd, and there was the same places right across the street I used to walk to. I'm grateful for the Facebook feature that lets people check in as safe during a disaster. I know everyone I love is safe. My parents are fine, but when I called my dad said mom was asleep. I imagine he probably took all his anxiety out on her, so she went to bed to get away from him. He wouldn't do that if Annalise and I were there. Oh well, I'm getting paid pretty nicely. He's 75 years old and needs to learn to control his anxiety.

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