Sunday, July 30, 2017

One year memorial

Published on Jul 30, 2017
My parents' denomination, Eastern Orthodox, does memorial services 40 days after death and annually there is a five minute prayer called Trisagion. On Wednesday it will be 1 year since my cousin/godson Evan was killed. The Greek words "Ionia E Mneme" mean memory eternal. But I'm 39 years old and I still have no idea what the "repose of the soul" is. Prayers for the forgiveness of sins "voluntarily and involuntary" are always said. The priest calls him Evangelos, because that's his Greek name.I had my phone on the bible on the pew in front of me the whole time so not to make it obvious that I was filming in church.  The memorial service was great closure, and I sincerely mean that, but I doubt I'll ever go to church again.  Not there or Lakewood or anywhere.  I believe we have to go way back to our roots as human beings.  As soon as we developed the ability to be religious and spiritual animals, we did not have buildings.  We saw it in all things.  I have also been taking up issue lately with the enormity of wealth of local churches and the enormous disparity among the general population, including the rapid increase in homelessness. I'll post another video I took soon, and address that issue and how the very strictest of Christians respond when I post that the megachurches should help those in need.  It's not good.  They sound like Pharisees, and I am deeply uncomfortable.  I am also saddened by the fact that people's religious disagreements have gotten violent and threatening.  

But that's besides the point of today's memorial service. When the priest was giving people communion, I had this very vivid flashback of when I was 15 and Evan had his first communion in my arms after he was baptized.  I had forgotten that moment until then.  When it came to his baptism, all I could remember were all the recitations I did wrong.  Fr. Stelios' words were comforting in the prayer, but you have to understand English and Greek to get the full Jist.   

It was a day of closure in many ways.  

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