Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The good cat mommy

Tiger was bleeding from the urinary tract and needs this medicine. Annalise is the only person Tiger likes, so it's up to her to give it to her. She did a great job!  Don't judge me because there are no bed sheets. They are being washed. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jewelry making win

I ordered these Yin/Yangs from Oriental Trade a while ago, and they were advertised as pendants. They are far too small to be pendants. I was looking across my stash the other day, and I realized how nice they'd look on these ear hooks. They are now in my etsy shop for $3 a pair, and 11 pairs available. 

I think my next move is Macramé. I have A LOT of different kinds of string and cord. 

Jewelry making epic fail

I bought this hole puncher. I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to try and make a hole in blue Botswana agate. It just made it split in half. Botswana agate is striated. Duh. Oh well, now I have two. To wire wrap. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Three fictional characters that describe you

This is a Facebook challenge right now, to post pictures of three fictional characters that represent you. It took me a while. I finally came up with:
The mother of Judging Amy (Tyne Daly)
Mary from "Saved:The Movie" 
Diane Lane's character from "Under the Tuscan Sun". 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Requesting excommunication

I have pondered this. I have pondered writing a letter to the archdiocese of my parents' denomination to request excommunication. The need to do it more officially is more real now that "just not showing up". Evan's death has taught me just how strict they are on who may have a funeral and who may not; who may be present at the final resurrection and who may not. A lot of my questions are answered with "I don't know". But, they do know. They just don't want to say, because it's bad PR. 
If I died before my parents, they would go straight to their church, and I would be denied a funeral. I already know this. 
But to funeralize someone is human nature. Even animals are seen gathering around a dead one, appearing to be in mourning. To deny that has no affect on the deceased person, but is emotionally abusive to those they leave behind. 
Then I found online my parents' church's stance on people who voluntarily request this. There were such horrible things said, that I cannot repeat them here. It's best, after reading that, to just leave it alone. It would make life difficult for my parents. 

Judge not, lest ye be not judged. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Great news!!!

Child Advocates of Houston has told me it's ok for me to donate 25% of sales from my etsy shop to them and to promote it as such. 

Again, here is my Etsy link:

I have updated the description with a video to learn more about Child Advocates. This will go on until December 21st. 

Philanthropy sells!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Old blog

This binder contains printouts of my blog from 2007-2009 and my lame attempt at "scrapbooking". I gave it to Annalise, and she adores reading about her baby years. 

Hepburn quote

I disagree. I discovered this in my late teens and snapped at age 36. Maybe it would have been easier to realize it when I got older so that when I got burned out, it would be the end of life.

Rebate queen

Bananas and zucchini are back in the fresh produce section of Ibotta rebates. Hooray!  These are easy to spend only a little over 25 cents on. I put the fresh bananas in the blender with banana baby food and stick it in the freezer. Makes good "ice cream". I sautée the zucchini, and when I turn off the heat, I throw cheese or nutritional yeast. 

Pics lately

Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 Jumpers (new video)

I posted this video last year, but the original was banned due to copyright infringement because he used the song "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" By Moby. 
Thankfully, he made a brand new one. 

I remember right after 9/11 happened, I remember the "jumpers" being judged for their choice. It was seen as not trusting God. It made me ill to hear people talking like that. That's why I'm glad this narrator made the clarification, "At those moments, there were no suicides, only murders."  

He asks again in this second video what choice we would make. Last year, I didn't know. But now I think I do know. I have spent a life time being barraged about the authenticity of my faith. It has caused an identity crisis that can match no other. 

Because of it, I could not have spent my final moments being burned alive in a last hope to prove something. If I was doubted in life, I might as well be doubted in death.  I would have jumped and spent my last ten seconds feeling like I was flying. 

Never forget. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blessed are the Peacemakers

My Ancestry DNA results shook me up a bit- not as much as I thought. I did not bawl, but my eyes did well up. 

While I was expecting 100% Greek and only got 68% Greece/Italy, most of my other DNA comes from basically Middle Eastern and Jews. They have been fighting for God knows how long, and I am both of them. Blessed are the Peacemakers. 

Ancestry DNA

I got my Ancestry DNA results back. 

Italy/Greece: 68%
Caucasus (Turkey): 12%
European Jewish: 8%
Eastern Europe: 7%
Western Europe: 2%
Iberrian Peninsula: >1%
Middle East: 2%.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Best thing about rebates.

These.  25 cents back on any kind of a certain type of fresh produce. When these show up, I always go in just for pennies over 25 cents worth of whatever it is. They don't count towards bonuses, but to get almost free fresh produce is worth it. I'm a rebate queen. 

Homeless woman

My goal for today, Labor Day, is to do 10 Postmates deliveries. I'm over halfway there (6) and taking a break. This morning, I opened up the Ibotta rebate app (I guess I lied when I said I wasn't using it anymore) and saw that there was $5 back if you spent $15 at Einstein Bagels. I didn't pack food, so I stopped into Einstein's. As I was walking in, a crazy looking homeless woman asked me for money. I simply said I didn't have any. It was true that I didn't have cash on me. I was using debit. Homeless people don't accept that. I don't mean to be cheeky, but it's true. 

 I got two bagels with cream cheese, a cookie, a banana, and a few drinks. It added up to just over $15. Perfect, I thought. I get my rebate, and I have food with me all day now. 

I walked out to my car, and the homeless woman started getting smart ass with me. She saw the amount of stuff I got and started taunting me. 

"Ain't got no money, huh?" She said. "Yeah, right! You know what?  I don't care!"  

She continued to follow me to my car. I asked her brashly, "what's wrong with you?"  She said, "I'm hungry!"  

Just then I realized that it's so rare I see a homeless woman. They're always men. Haven't you noticed that?  Most shelters are for women only. But this woman was mean and had an attitude. The world saving feminists that run the women's shelters probably couldn't take it and kicked her out. 

So I reached in my console and handed her the only cash I was carrying-a ziplock Baggie with nickels and dimes. It couldn't have been more than a dollar. I said, "sorry, I'm just not carrying cash today."  
She took the Baggie and then I remembered my bagels. I took one of the two bagels and gave it to her. I said, "here look. It's a spinach bagel with cream cheese. Do you like that?"  She grabbed it and her eyes got huge. Slowly, she handed me the bag of nickels and dimes back. I said, "you don't want the money?" 

She said, "no, I don't want the money."  She walked away quickly with the bagel and cream cheese. 

Most people say that if you give them money, they'll just buy drugs. But if this lady was truly a drug user, she would have taken the money and refused the food. Instead, she did the opposite. 

And I wonder why, of all the homeless people I see when working near downtown Houston, the vast majority of them are men- to the point where it made me look twice and think, gee a homeless woman, that's strange...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Paper beads.

I got Annalise this paper bead making kit a long time ago, but she was not interested. So, I played with it myself. Now, she has a cool bracelet to wear to school Tuesday. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Work Fun and Joy

This morning I did Postmates for quite a bit. Someone ordered 10 Starbucks drinks for all of their coworkers!  Yes I was giving these the "mom arm". I was also driving like an old woman. 

Larger tree of life pendants. I wanted bigger ones, but I think these are a tad too big. These are still listed in my etsy shop for $20 each. The next ones will have to be a little smaller. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016


This was on Facebook. I shared it and said that Maria Montessori was a good person, and she would roll in her grave if she saw some of the daycares and schools using her name nowadays. 

Annalise knows show she was. She asked how old she was turning. I said, 146. Annalise said, wow, that's really old. I said, well she's dead, baby. Annalise gave me kind of a sly look and said, "I hope so". 

My child really cracks me up.