Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chemistry Crayons

I got these stickers from someone else's etsy shop a few months back. They are sticker sheets with chemicals/chemistry terms to stick on corresponding crayons. I finally got around to sticking them on tonight. There are enough for a 64 count crayon box, but I started with one of the four 24 count boxes Annalise needs for her school supply list. 
My only concern is that they will somehow annoy or miff the teacher. As a result, I did not stick them over the color name. I put them over the crayola brand name so that no one gets confused. They can be purchased at the etsy shop "Que Interesante".

Saturday, July 30, 2016

My etsy shop is half updated

Lots of tedious work updating my etsy shop. 

It's Only 4:30, and I'm seriously ready for bed!!!

If you are so inclined to help, please do

Egyptian names

I watched a documentary on ancient Africa. I have two African American friends who have adopted ancient African religion like Yoruba, and I always see on Facebook that they go to Yorubas events here in Houston. One of them mixes it with Christianity, and the other does not. 

I learned a lot in the documentary. The ancient Egyptians called themselves "Kemet". I didn't know that. I think it's a much prettier name than "Egypt". I've heard Egyptian artifacts being called "Kemetic" before, but did not know why. 

Egyptians also called Northern Africa "Nubia". That's a beautiful name as well. I had never heard that before. Nothing is mentioned about sub-Saharan Africa, and some in the comments wanted to know why. Personally, I think sub Sahara may have still been very primitive and did not have much of any contact with Kemet and Nubia. 

One thing that really struck me as awesome- the Egyptian Sun God "Ra" also had a different, second name. Do you know what it is? "Amen". Amen!  Amen-Ra. Is that why, to this day, we say amen when we pray?  I don't know. I told this to my mother, and she said no, the name was actually "Amoon". 

But my mother also didn't know grains could sprout. 

I love learning about polytheism, and I can't wait till I get my 23 and me DNA kit back. 

Beautiful dress

I saw this and wanted to make one for Annalise, but she looked at it and said, "EEEWWWWW!!!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Do You Really Want?

I never sent the executive director an email cancelling my interview on Monday 8/1.  I am extremely, extremely on the fence about the possibility of another child welfare field related job.  The best bet at this point is just to keep the appointment and let her call me for the interview Monday at 1. 

The good news is that I'll have a lot of good questions when she asks me, "Do you have any questions?"

The bad news is this whole new invention of applying for a job with "one click".  It's easy.  It takes out repetition.  But you get careless about what you apply for and end up not knowing what you want anymore. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Indeed App

Indeed is a job search app. You post your resume on there one time (you can update it, too), and the app sends you jobs that match your interests. Most of the openings they send me, I'm just like nah. Been there, done that, got the Tshirt. If something does interest you, all you do is "apply with one click". When you do this, the employer receives the resume you have on file with the app. 

So this job came up:
Volunteer supervisor for child advocates in a neighboring county. I did the click. The executive director emailed me and asked my salary requirements before even scheduling an interview. Hello, that doesn't scream "we don't pay crap" at all. I low balled it and said even that was negotiable just to see if she'd schedule me an interview. She did~ August 1 at 1, in the phone. 

I'm not looking for a job. These suggestions just pop up when you have the app. Yesterday, I took a nap and I had a NIGHTMARE that CPS was taking Annalise away because she was climbing a tree. Sounds extreme to the average joe, but I can see it happening. One can possibly fall out a tree, you know. 

I think it's a sign that deep down I know the child welfare system is corrupt, even child advocates. I think I also know deep down its not right to get into it again. In the dream, I was doing that creepy dream thing where you are screaming but can't scream. Anna was screaming. My old boss was in the dream. It was terrible, and I was glad to wake up. 

Cancellation email going out soon. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016


My DNA kit

They wanted an ungodly amount of saliva with no bubbles! Luckily, a blue juice was included to get bubbles out and do something else to the saliva. The kit is in the mail. It says it takes 6-8 weeks for results, but I'm sure hoping it doesn't take that long. I am also doing this for religious reasons. I know a lot about pre-Christian Greek mythology, and I want to study the indigenous religious beliefs of any other culture running through my veins. I thought my mother would be mad, but she's not! She's actually excited and can't wait to find out either, even tho I clarified that it won't tell you what came from your father and what came from your mother. If I like it, which I probably will, Annalise will be next. Annalise's father always told me he was "British", which can mean anything. He doesn't know anything g about Britain. He's Texas. I asked his paternal grandmother what ethnicity she is, and she replied, "we are Christians". Bless her heart. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Abducted child set free after annoying his kidnapper by SINGING gospel s...

I have always loved this song!  Hezekiah Walker came to my old church Lakewood a few years ago and sang it.  This is the story of a little boy who was abducted and subsequently set free by singing this song for three hours strait.  He annoyed his kidnapper so much, he told him to get out!

Here's the song in entirety.  It sounds more awesome in church. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My latest favorite pics

Things I recently purchased.

23 and me DNA kit. I want to see if I'm really "100% Greek" or not. I have a hunch I'm not. No one is 100% anything. 

Memory foam mattress toppers for both beds. 

The whistleblower's handbook. I've decided to start working for CPS reform and CPS whistleblowers in June of 2025. That's when Annalise turns 18, and they can't retaliate by "taking her away". The biggest CPS whistleblower in Texas is Carlos Morales. I'm friends with him on Facebook. 

Spanx. I just want undergarments that cover a lot, like from under breast to thigh. I think it's more comfortable, especially if it's 100% cotton. And I want bras to be high up on the neck and down the waist. Like undershirts. Absolutely no wire whatsoever. 

Cute clothes for Annalise, since dress code has been done away with  in her district. It just can't be "inappropriate". Schools are funny, so we'll see what they deep inappropriate. Her favorite is a dress with all kitty faces. One shirt had kitties in outer space. I had to say no to that. Again,
Schools are weird about "inappropriatenes". 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday!!!  I turn 38 today. I honestly have no regrets other than the fact that the biological clock is ticking. But my grandmothers both had babies well into their 40's, so maybe there's hope. 

I get to go to my
Parents church and then try out a restaurant called Cyclone Anaya's. 

At my garage sale yesterday, I sold almost $90 worth of my
Jewelry and almost $49 with of clothes
And miscellaneous.  

Garage sale today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Postmates all the time.

I'm super grateful for Postmates and the rest of the new and blooming app based economy. I've been at Postmates for 13 months now, and it's the ideal side job. There's no schedule since you are an independent contractor and not an employee. When you feel like working, you go to somewhere in the delivery zone, go to the courier app, click on, and wait for a dispatch. Postmates has competitors like favor and grub hub. I have not had the time to sign on with them.  Instacart is a grocery shopping delivery app. Of course, Uber and Lyft are for rides, but I do not even like friends and family in my car let alone strangers. and urban sitter are for babysitting, pet sitting, or in home elder care. Air B&B is if you want to rent out a room in your home. There are probably many others that I don't know about. 

Whenever someone complains to me about money, I refer them to Postmates. I must have referred 20-25 people over the last year, but no one ever does it, because ive never gotten the sign on bonus. There are many ways to make money if you tap into these. 

There is also offer up and letitgo to sell your things. Let's make money, people!  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Diamond Lavish Reynolds smoking weed- will CPS arrive?

By now, we've all heard about Diamond Lavish Reynolds who live streamed her boyfriend dying after he had gotten shot by the police. 

Whether or not you agree with what she did and how she went about it (not comforting him in his final moments, etc), the fact that she did that puts a new level of risqué on live streaming.  Wow!  Now we can live stream crimes as they happen, and the video footage will be seen by thousands as it's happening AND can't be edited to suit someone's interests.  It will truly be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

Later on, we learned that Diamond was kind of addicted to live stream.  She live streamed all the freakin time.  She live streamed a whole lot of nothing.  Here she is just last week on the 4th of July. Several minutes of her talking about nothing, sitting in her car, smoking marijuana and getting high as a kite with her child in the back seat. 

This video went viral a couple days after her boyfriend's death.  Many many people said CPS should take away her child.  CPS does take away kids when they can prove that the parents smoke marijuana.  The only two states where they don't do this is where marijuana is legal. 

Do I think CPS will take away Diamond's daughter?  No, I don't.  This is an extremely high profile case right now, and CPS does NOT want the kind of attention that law enforcement is getting.  If they took away her child at a time like this, with the whole world watching, it would cause more CPS watchdogs just like there are more police watchdogs.  There will be more whistleblowers against them, more vigilantes.  Taking away a kid for marijuana use is one of those issues that I'm on the fence about, and if CPS is in such crisis, then I believe they should not get involved for JUST marijuana (and no, I don't smoke!) I just feel that way.  They always complain about high caseloads.  Well, if marijuana was legal in Texas, my caseload would have been cut in half.  (I just wasn't allowed to say that). 

I wish CPS would get the attention law enforcement is getting and get massively called out on their wrongs, abuses of power, and injustices by the masses.  I think they know not to touch Diamond Reynolds with a ten foot pole, though, or else that's bound to happen. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016


I was up until ungodly hours of the night watching documentaries about Edward Snowden. He's been back in the media a bit, because his political asylum in Russia is almost up, and those who care, wonder what he will do next. 
When I believed his story, it tore me to pieces. I became convinced that he'd get killed and it would be a suicide cover. But the more I watched and listened, the more the whole thing seemed like BS. If the NSA and the CIA can tap the computers/phones of literally EVERYONE to the point where they can watch you have sex through your own web cam, then who's sorting through all of that for 300 million people? Young techies like Snowden was? How then, did they expect someone not to leak that? 
Secondly, if Snowden is in soooooo much trouble with the US government and the fbi and the cia, then how is he sooooo public?  They know exactly where he is in Moscow. So go get him?

Some in the comments suspected this to be a fake story, a set up to make us think we are all being watched. Google Panopticon. That may be what they were trying to create. In the end, no one cared, because no one has anything to hide from the FBI (well most people). 

I found that I'm not the only one that thinks Ed Snowden is a mock adversary. There's actually a "Snowden Truth Movement" which I have absolutely no time to get into. But it does make one think. 

Before I started questioning his story, I thought of myself. With all of the CPS reform efforts in the state Capitol right now, I heard of a few journalists looking to interview current or former caseworkers about the fundamentally flawed system. I responded to all, but I made it clear that I wanted a pseudonym. The journalists all dropped me like hot potatoes. 

That's ok. I have a child of my own. Ed Snowden doesn't have kids. If I was childless like him, I would totally whistleblower and let them retaliate. It wouldn't matter.  I was thinking all of this before I started to suspect the story. Then I went to bed and had nightmares