Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jewelry Design

I've lost myself in up cycle jewelry design. I've made some pretty awesome things. I started by buying several Vases of what the thrift store called broken jewelry, only to come home and find much of it not broken at all. The plan was to cut it apart to salvage good pieces and make new items. I did a lot of that, as a lot of it really was broken. I also filled up two bead trays for future projects, made pins and barrettes out of my crystals and gemstones and heavy metal glue, and spent yesterday morning matching up unbroken earrings. It felt like an intense game of matching. Well, it was. There are a lot of good pairs as you can see in the pic of my almost full earring display thing. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

We're all ok

Whenever Houston gets heavy rains, it floods heavily. We dealt with this all week. It was even worse than the Memorial Day floods. 8 people died in Houston due to flood related causes this week. It's a handful of people each time. Something needs to be done about the drainage systems, but it seems like no one ever brings that up. We have a new mayor now- Sylvester Turner. I thought he'd be a good candidate until I saw him speaking on tv. He doesn't speak intelligently at all. If no one else knows what to do about our flooding crises, then he sure won't. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

I just can't Even

It has become obvious in the last two days that I simply cannot hop blindly on board with everything the child advocacy organizations in Austin have to say about CPS reform in Texas, nor can I blog about CPS reform in my new wordpress blog I have not set up yet. 
This child death near Dallas is the main headline at the moment.  The child advocacy organizations are not doing anything to mention the fact that this caseworker falsified records.  The only thing they mention about him was his insanely high caseload in order to pinpoint one of the items on the reform bill- high caseloads for caseworkers.
However, I don't care if he had 70 cases or 170 or 700. Falsifying records is grossly negligent.  I'm not going to sit here and pretend I know what it's like to have 70 cases because I don't. But you don't falsify records, period.  You admit what you did not have time to do and why, and take the heat.  If you can't stand the heat... you know where to  go.
I'm disappointed in these child advocacy organizations in Austin that I've admired for years.  I can't support them any longer until they condemn what this caseworker did.